About Us

Bee Rite Sales is run by Jonathan and Ellie Coulimore in Portland, Oregon. We started a small business in the late 70’s out of our home in Van Burien Township, MI. At that time, we had a small u-pick farm with around 30 colonies of bees, while also purchasing and reselling product from Eden Foods. After moving to Vancouver, WA in 1984, we purchased 10 acres in the country. We started out raising poultry and cattle, and were mixing our own feed. We wanted our feed to be as close to organic as we could afford, and we wanted to know exactly what went into it.

Sometime in the 90’s we read Joel Salatin’s book, Pastured Poultry Profits. By then we were already raising broilers and egg layers. He talked about a company called “The Fertrell Company” out of Bainbridge, PA, who made a product called Poultry Nutribalancer. We contacted Jeff at Fertrell and he sold us some product to make full feeds. It is now 2018, we are still using The Fertrell Company’s fine line of products, and selling them to our customers as well.

Through our years attending the ACRES USA conference, we have discovered other fine products like Azomite, Live Earth Humates, Redmond Minerals, and Perma-Guard. We put so much stock in these products that we began to distribute them along with our Fertrell line.